Behind the artist name, out of the woods, you’ll find singer, musician, composer and producer Ditte Grube. Years ago she found her way to music (or the music found its way to her) as she worked as a forest worker in the East Jutland forests, cutting down trees at day, writing songs at night.

The music is grounded with an ethereal aura and Ditte´s calm airy vocal naturally plays together with double bass, violin, piano, trumpet, subtle drums and an iridescent electric guitar. The lyrics deal with everything from insomnia and lost friendships to abstract space travelling and wild animals on the hunt.

The debut album Birds and Beasts will be released in June 2020 with support from DPA and KODA. The songs are written, recorded, mixed and produced by Ditte Grube and the debut album is a result of several years of work in the home studio, including trips with the pocket soundstudio to Iceland. The album reached its final form in collaboration with a number of guest artists such as Thomas Sejthen, Nanna Bech, Bo Rande and not least the fabulous Icelandic violinist Una Sveinbjarnardóttir.

The music from out of the woods is inspired by artists such as Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake, Feist and Emilíana Torini - and is of the kind that settles like a quiet twilight in the listener´s mind and lets the tunes wander through space, thoughts and time.

out of the woods